House Cleaning is an excellent means to keep your furniture in good condition and make them last as long as possible. When dealing with your mattress, you have to learn several House Cleaning tips to keep it clean and fresh.

Mattresses can harbor dust mites, dead skin, dirt, and other debris, necessitating frequent cleaning—especially if you have allergies, have pets, or are simply a late-night snacker. Thus, the House Cleaning experts of Edmonds have looked up the step-by-step House Cleaning of your bed and mattress at home. 

Strip Your Bed

When you are House Cleaning your mattress, remove the sheets, pillowcases, and mattress covers and wash them in the washing machine. You can get rid of mites from your bedding by soaking them in hot water.  Make sure to check the care mark twice.

Run Your Vac Cleaner

Using the upholstery attachment on your House Cleaning vacuum cleaner is the best means to ditch dust. After installing the upholstery device on your vacuum cleaner, you have to go over the whole area of the mattress along with its arms. Go over the mattress’s top and bottom and as much of the box spring as you can reach. You have to be mindful of the seams and use the crevice attachment to get rid of any grime, dirt, or dust that has crept in. To eliminate dust from under its surface, you have to press down firmly on the House Cleaning tool or tap it on the fabric. Then, using the crevice method, get into the quilting and everywhere else. Some newer vacuum cleaners now have equipment that vibrates against mattress and upholstery fabrics to help extract dust.

Stain Removal

Put in a spray bottle the liquid dishwashing soap, baking soda, and hydrogen peroxide filling it halfway. Next, you have to spray the House Cleaning solution on the stained areas and rub it in with a microfiber cloth.

To remove the dirt naturally, use a natural enzyme cleaner that breaks down the stain’s chemical content. Citrus cleaners are typically a good option that you can make easily. 

Mix the squeezed out juice of the lemon and salt in a mixing bowl and blend until paste forms. Allow it to sit for a maximum of an hour after applying it to the stain. The mixture can then be wiped away or vacuumed up.

Deodorize Your Mattress

The odour of your bed will eventually rise to the surface, leaving you wondering why you didn’t notice it earlier. If this is the case, sprinkle baking soda on your mattress after vacuuming it, paying particular attention to the areas with stinking odours. Scrub the powder onto your entire mattress using a scrub brush and leave it for about ten minutes. Extract any remaining powder with a vacuum.

Vacuum it up well until the baking soda has done its magic.

Remaking Your Bed

Remake your bed with your freshly laundered linens.

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