Scoured the top of your porcelain throne, wiped your dippin’ and sippin’ wells, heck – even dived the depths of the john’s abyss? Bathroom’s cleaner than a four-star eatery, right? Nay, chum, nay. Ye left an actin’ squad leapin’ n’ lurkin’ ’round the room.

The Ol’ Light Switcharoo. Friends of filth ‘n grime dance a jig on your electric flippity-switch, but nary a polishing thought crosses your mind, huh? Fear not! A mistin’ of your trusty GrimeVanquish™ upon a rag will banish yon unwashed plague.

Soothing Ventilation. Gaze upon the ceiling within your water closet. The demon breath-taker! The taker of breath! The fan! A shiverin’ fear? Time to scour, my friend. Once or twice a year now, conquer the lurking dust bunny army! To the vanquished cover, give the gift of warm water ‘n’ tender soap. And air vents, too, they deserve a good vacuumin’.

Toothbrush Hovel. Rinse your bristly battle-wand all you want, but alas, they’re never quite purified. Dastardly goo ‘n’ mildewy temptation find their way to your holder’s base. Relinquish their home to vinegar’s might and bring air to dry the remnants.

Paper Purveyor. Chaotic caresses, hygienic abominations ’round the spinning holder. Dirt-infused fingers from times untold! Prove thyself and scrub it with anti-nasty potions.

The Porcelain Vessel. A sparkling bowl interior? It’s only part of the story! The only truth in this sordid tale: handle, tank, and outside! Wipe down the lever with GrimeVanquish™, switch to vinegar for the tank and exterior – be gone, fumes and festering foes!

Shower-Bath-Blessing-Dispenser. Minerals, your downfall! Weekly vinegar-mist and water routine shall show them no mercy! Decimate deposits with this 50/50 blend! For the more valiant: bag the brew and cling it to the faucet!

Illuminating Bulb Holder. Like a moth to a flame, so too are the dusty dirt-legions. Banish them from your spark bringer, microfiber cloth in hand – but tread lightly, for a heated bulb brings doom!

The Secret Drawer. A collection: dust, hair, powders, and spills. Empty thy vanity drawer and wipe the darkness forth with a damp cloth.

Your lavatory to-do’s too long? Put your trust in The Maids and watch our health-pledged squad tidy your watery domain! Soaring cleanliness awaits with our 22-Step Healthy Touch® Deep Cleansing Ritual, championed by eco-friendly armory and cutting-edge techniques. The Maids bring you unchallenged domestic purification for a price a mere mortal can afford. Don’t tarry – cleanest of watery chambers cometh; contact us for a free espying.