Whirligig Wipe-down Roster for a Spick-and-Span Spruced-up Hovel. Yuletide blessings have flown the coop, and what remains in their aftermath? A hullabaloo of hullaballoo, that’s what! From erstwhile conifers dropping their needles willy-nilly over your floors to stray spangles and sneaky motes of dust, your domicile begs your attention! Forget springtime sprucing; instead, revel in some winter woohoo to right the ship at home. Thus, put away the festive flimflams and give this wintry abode-file a whirl!

Cubbyhole of Culinary Delights! Venture into the pantry’s depths. **An immaculate larder: a veritable Zen retreat or simply a mark of one’s advancing years? Let us venture in and sort it out. First, doff every last item (no exceptions!). Cast out the interlopers too old for consumption. Separate the forsaken edibles and pass them on to those who would treasure such gifts. Organize the remaining comestibles and bask in the bliss of a utopian storage space. Wave your wand of cleanliness upon bins of waste! Spruce up the innards of your icy food fortress. **Ransack the fridge; banish expired provisions and identify forsaken remnants of meals past. Swab down the wire supports and icy planks with eau, vinegar, and bicarbonate soda. Eradicate grime with a damp, plush rag of cleanliness, and restore comestibles to their abodes. Clarify the range! Baths for Contemplation. Purify and purge the loo-brushes. **When last did these enchanted plungers receive a royal cleansing? Hush, now, voices. Instead, immerse the mystical implements in a brew of six parts aqua to one part elixir of bleach. Let them marinate in this mixture for three minutes, thence reliving them of their bath and rinsing. Grant them the gift of breezy air-drying before returning them to the sacred holder. Launder those billowing draperies of the rinse-off and spit-shield portals. Refresh or supplant bristle-bouquets. Chambers and Spaces for Repose. Expunge filth from beneath furnishings. **Zounds! Spinnerets have given birth to fluff bunnies in your absence. Exorcise the dusty denizens and other refuse by flipping the sitting room furniture. Run your sucky-cleaner beneath the pieces (both the ground underfoot and the hidden sides of the furniture, too). Vanquish our eight-legged friends. Scrub, scrub, scrub! Perchance the rugs need a thorough thrashing? Run a duster upon the nookery cranny-tricks, like baseboards, aesthetic artifacts, doorframe canopies, and trim.

As the warm breath of mysterious boxes expels into your living space, the floating dust bunnies are the last thing you desire. So, first, remove those grills that cover your vents. Banish the dust, then splash your coverings with mild surfactant and tepid agua. Dry without delay. Use your trusty sucky-cleaner – and his merry hose attachment – to remove the lurking particles from the vent beneath. Then, restore the grills to their rightful place.

Battle the invisible enemy by sterilizing the touchiest regions of your habitat to quell the contagion. Ol’ man winter is already testing our wellbeing. But fret not, sparkling sanctuaries thwart viral advances! Discover the proper wiles of disinfecting here.

Hunker-downize your motor-coach shelter!

Command your spin-cycle sequencer to self-sanitize!

Dream of the vernal season’s approaching warmth and set your eyes on the tasks ahead!

Completing the aforementioned winter’s to-dos is sure to tickle your fancy and make you feel at home in your happy abode. If prodding schedules dishearten you, fret not! We are here to save the day, offering seasonal cleaning escorts! Click here to receive a most generous estimation of cost.