Hey, Fur parents! Even the loveliest pouches or cutest kittens can quickly become Godzilla-like when you’re dealing with pet hair. So, here are the tips and tricks by the authorities from Edmonds in House Cleaning to manage pet hair from furniture to floors, and of course, your laundry. There is no secret that if you have a pet, you make peace with the pet hair and expect how much House Cleaning process you are going to do. But when you are smart, you can reduce your labor. Following these tips and tricks from Edmonds House Cleaning expert, you can clean pet hair in no time. And here is how:

Hard and Carpet Floors

Using a vacuum in this House Cleaning method for the hard floor is difficult since it might send pet hair flying back on the surface, which is not beneficial to anyone. Instead, use an electrostatic dust mop on the hard floor. A floor sweeper, for example, will collect the hair and retain it in the material. Microfiber towels can also be an alternative for carpet sweepers, for it also makes an electrostatic charge on the floor.

Now, If you have a carpeted floor, scatters some baking soda on your carpet before vacuuming. The baking soda loses the hair from the microfiber and also deodorizes at the same time. Use vacuum at least three times back and forth to cover off the space. You will be amazed at how much extra pet hair you have removed. Finally, if you have the budget, get a robot vacuum; this equipment does not complain. It just vacuums pet hair all day and night at your command, so you do not have to.

For the Furniture

Doing the House Cleaning process for the furniture must come after vacuuming the floor, or else the pet hair will resettle. To deal with the pet hair on wood and glass furniture, consider using a microfiber cloth lightly sprinkle with water like you were sprinkling perfume on your wrist. The microfiber cloth has an electrical charge that tracks the hair, and water helps the pet hair adhere to it. 

However, if you use too much water, this House Cleaning method will be rendered ineffective, causing pet hair to spread all over the room and look nasty. You can now use standard House Cleaning appliances, such as a vacuum or roller, to remove pet hair from upholstery furniture. 

But here’s a cool trick from the Edmonds House Cleaning team: you have to find something that has a little bit of rough to it, like a slightly wet sponge, or even a rubber squeeze can do this trick, drag the item along with the upholstery and watch the hair come out. This House Cleaning method is advisable than a weep roller because it’s less wasteful and cheaper.

You can also use a blanket to cover up your furniture if your place is your and your pet’s favorite hangout. It may help your House Cleaning process be effortless when you have guests coming. Just by removing all the blankets, you will have a hair-free place.