Edmonds expert in House Cleaning, the most common messes in a post-party home are piles of unwashed dishes, glasses strewn across every surface, and a red wine spill. But don’t let these repeat offenders deter you from having an incredible bash. We asked those who live on entertaining what they do to make clean up so simple that they’d do it again and again.

1. Tablecloths should be used.

As much as table features provide character, food and drink spills seem to find their way into the smallest crevices. According to a senior account executive at Edmonds in House Cleaning, tablecloths are “fun, themed, and quick to pick up and wash.” It’s as simple as picking up the material and shaking it out before tossing it in the wash. There’s no need to clean up.

2. Assemble an emergency supply kit.

More things can go wrong at a party if it’s a good one, so be prepared. Why not stock up on proven stain-remover salt, soda, and lemon before your party? According to Edmonds House Cleaning Team: “But don’t forget that it’s still a celebration,” she tells her guests. When cleaning, avoid vacuuming or washing.

3. Prepare your dishwasher by emptying it.

As soon as you have company over, a full dishwasher is sure to wreck your “clean as you go” approach. To avoid having to unload everything to put the dirty dishes in the dishwasher, make sure it’s empty or close to it. Edmonds experts in House Cleaning explain.

4. Place the bar on the porch.

That is if it is warm outside (no one wants to grab a beer in the freezing cold). “This keeps spills outdoors, rather than inside on your floors, carpets, and rugs,” advises House Cleaning.

5. As guests come, pour glasses.

“Rather than having filled glasses out for everybody when they come, I like to utilize a glass drink dispenser, when possible,” explains House Cleaning. “This makes it effortless for people to determine their own drink and prevents glasses from being nasty.”

6. Serve no sloppy food.

It’s as simple as that: “The less dirty the food presented, the less mess you’ll have to clean,” states House Cleaning. They advise sticking to bite-size servings that visitors can put into their mouths and avoiding sauces, dips, and other “create-your-own” dishes that can result in spillage.

7. House Cleaning recommends keeping extra garbage bags available.

If you’re throwing a huge party, you’ll probably have to take out the garbage at least once. Keep extra bags close to the activity to reduce bother. A new bag can be used repeatedly to line up the garbage can, which will save time and money,” explains House Cleaning.

8. Before dessert, start loading the dishwasher.

if you can’t resist cleaning up a bit before guests leave, do it now. You’ll also be halfway done if your party needs two or more cycles: The owner of House Cleaning Services says it makes it easier to put away clean dishes and go on to the next load.