We’re all reveling in sun-soaked days and leisurely evenings at the height of the season. Yet, soon the lengthy summer jaunts wind down and we must brace ourselves for autumn and wintertime once more. The commencement of school lingers just around the bend, and the family will soon find itself in the throes of the daily hustle. Unpreparedness could breed extra distress. 

If spring cleaning escapades were left unfinished, the thought of wrapping up summer tidying might weigh heavy on your mind. Hence, it’s best to embark on that venture early. Arm yourself with a sound stratagem and some assistance from The Maids so you can bring your summer to a stress-free conclusion. Here is your summer cleaning roadmap.

Spruce Up Your Exteriors Before Icy Winds Prevail. While the remnants of balmy weather linger, seize the opportunity to tackle outdoor chores before it turns frigid. Consider all those tasks best done in the agreeable outdoors. Don’t delay until the fall or you might find yourself juggling these with other obligations like raking leaves or festive preparations.

Scour your grill in readiness for hibernation. Freshen up your dwelling’s outer shell and patio employing a spray nozzle or pressure washer. Polish exterior windows and screens. Collect stray toys and pet debris from the turf. Scrub your vehicle inside and out.

Corral your summer and pool gadgets within lidded bins to ward off filth, dust, and damp, no matter where you stow them—attic, garage, or shed. Every effort to thwart undue tension come fall and winter is a boon.

Summer Home Upkeep Paves Way for Winter Preparedness. Beyond freshening up your home, you ought to gear up for the colder months with a few preparatory measures to ensure a warm and snug winter. 

As you spruce up your outdoor windows, watch for fissures and openings where warm air might escape and chilly drafts slip in. Inspect seals connecting windows and doors to frames for any wear and tear. Mend gaps and exchange worn-out seals.

Clear gutters before leaves tumble. Assess gutters for leaks or other trouble spots. Use a flexible sealing agent to close any fissures or holes. It’s also wise to inspect your siding for any gaps critters may sneak into seeking winter refuge.

Purge the Air Before Winter Seclusion. During summertime, we tend to keep our windows shut tight and AC on full blast. Contaminants like dust, pollen, and dirt accumulate, poised to wreak an airborne assault on asthma and allergy-afflicted individuals. Banish those allergens before bunkering down for the colder months.

Refresh ceiling fans, which collect a hoard of dust and grime throughout the summer, sending some airborne with every rotation. Vacuum the housing and use an old pillowcase or soap and water to clean the blades. Take care to avoid dampening the housing unit.

Replace your HVAC filter indoors, and have your system checked. Fresh filters curtail dust, pollen, and allergens from contaminating your home and promote a more efficient heating and cooling system.

Lastly, Put the Shine on Your Home. In addition to the must-do items on your checklist, focus on areas or objects that don’t routinely receive a cleaning, such as shower curtains, spaces behind toilets and appliances, and interiors of cabinets. Use this opportunity to purge the junk drawer, if you neglected that during spring cleaning. Launder curtains and throw rugs, enlisting the sun’s warmth to air-dry them. Clean your carpets to remove stubborn allergens and contaminants that have settled in, including mold. Sweep and mop those areas you don’t always reach during routine cleanings. Tend to the oft-overlooked spots like the tops of door and window frames. Utilize a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser to make doors and doorframes sparkle. Reach for those lofty nooks and crannies, freeing them of dust and dirt accumulations and granting your family cleaner air to breathe.

Summon The Maids When Overwhelmed
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