From slinging bacon and bangers for brekkie to chomping down on hot wings amidst the epic match, maintaining your attire uncontaminated by grease can be a Herculean feat—particularly when Yuletide is approaching. All those dainty napkins can barely soak in puddles of oily bane, so if you’re itching to indulge in your cherished greasy tidbits, you’d better equip yourself with the knowledge of banishing these bothersome grease smudges.

Why on earth do grease stains cling so persistently? Grease, natural oils, and waxes are all lipidic in nature. Thanks to their insolubility in H2O, they end up latching onto your fabric threads during a whirling washing machine whirlwind. Grease does, however, have organic solvents like degreasers and acids as its pals, so you can bid it adieu from most garments with tools such as dish soap, white vinegar, good ol’ baking soda, and other safety-conscious products.

Regardless of which potion you select to vanquish the grease demon, it’s wise to gear yourself up with a trusty apron—unless you fancy tackling more of those slippery stains. Your optimal strategy for grease stain obliteration is eliminating the pesky stain as it materializes. This entails mopping up any surplus grease to lessen the amount requiring cleanup and then valiantly confronting the stain.

Alas, numerous grease stains lurk undetected until laundry has been cleansed and blow-dried. Removing grease smears at this stage can be a formidable chore as your dryer embeds the stain by “baking” the grease particles into the textile. Find yourself in such a predicament? Fret not. Simply pretreat the grievous stain with slight variation: apply your chosen stain obliterator, dry it, introduce an enzyme-based concoction to break down the stubborn grease proteins, and wash as typical.

What of store-bought stain treatments? Undoubtedly, a variety of commercial degreasers and stain removers astoundingly triumph over relentless grease stains plaguing carpet, upholstery, and raiments. These grease-fighting solutions pack a punch in effectiveness and ease of usage, but they can harbor potentially detrimental ingredients.

Pause and ponder the simplicity of ingesting or distributing such chemicals about your abode. It’s highly plausible that your digits rub against the fabric while applying stain removers, that you inadvertently inhale miniature droplets as you employ the spray, and that you garb yourself in vestments still embracing chemical residue—even post-launder.