Is searching for food in your pantry and fridge taking so much time and effort to do? Has it become frustrating to buy and just end up discarding stale or rotten food? Do your kids bug you often when they need to find food from your storage areas? Do they complain about unvaried snacks?

If you say ‘yes’ to all, then you have a serious House Cleaning project to do! 

Some already know the solution but would rather procrastinate as getting it even started stresses them too much.

 Our Edmonds House Cleaning teams share ways to start a snacks storage touch-up: 

Plan your Space

Planning is a general rule our House Cleaning teams follow. May your refrigerator or pantry be big or small, allot a space to put all the snacks on eye-level, convenient for your kids to reach. 

Segregate your Snacks

Check your inventory. Know the volume of items you regularly buy so you can plan the containers you need. House Cleaning experts make an outline so they won’t end up buying too much or too little. 

Check Expiry Dates

Not only storekeepers, but also House Cleaning professionals, follow the FIFO (First-In, First-Out Method). The oldest items are consumed first. 

When you need to transfer them to another container, label them with expiration dates for easy reference. 

Invest in Airtight Containers

Clear plastic containers are cheaper, lighter and less fragile to handle than glass jars. House Cleaning masters use matching canisters to achieve a streamlined look. Airtight lids will prevent moisture that causes the growth of molds and bacteria eventually prolonging food shelf life. Buying snacks in bulks is cheaper than individual packs.

Use Crates or Baskets

Plastic crates or woven baskets can make your awkwardly-wrapped snacks and chips handy in one place. It will be easier for kids to choose and pull out the items they want. A House Cleaning pro uniformly labels these bins using sticker labels. 

Use Pull-out Wire Racks

An authority to House Cleaning pile canned or packed drinks in pull-out wire racks for easy visibility. Stack them up in the pantry. Put some on the fridge to chill. Replenish the stocks as needed.

Embrace Colorful Stackable

If you are a DIY parent, you most likely have a lot of time to prepare homemade snacks for your kids. Thus, stackable food keepers will be your best friend. Stacking maximizes your storage space. Colorful containers can be code labels. They may come in useful if you have more than one kid or you prepare snacks ahead.

Getting your pantry and fridge organized is not just a one-time House Cleaning event. It is a system that needs rules and maintenance. It can be very overwhelming, but once you get the system in place, life will be so much easier, happier, and more economical for you and your kids. If you find the tips limiting what you have and what you can do, you can’t go wrong from seeking more help from any of our House Cleaning Edmonds Teams.