Ah, the beach, that sandy mecca of sun-soaked splendor! Indelible memories are formed frolicking in the waves and crafting castles of grains… until it’s time to depart, and the sand insists on accompanying you. It infiltrates your apparel, footwear, bags, coolers, and eventually every nook and cranny of your dwelling. For those residing near these gritty playgrounds, the summertime struggle to banish sand from your abode is real. Equip yourself with our tried-and-true tactics, and attain sandy victory!

Barricade the Beach at Bay

The best defense is a great offense—prevent sand from invading your home. Attach a hose to your door or patio, and allow swift sand expulsion before scurrying inside. An outdoor shower, simple or elaborate, offers a venue for soapy sand skirmishes. Declare a shoe-free haven, emulating other cleaning cultures, particularly during the summer swelter. Employ a bristly natural fiber mat to extract grit from soles, and wield the power of baby powder for hands and feet.

Corral the Gritty Intruders

Create a designated space to catch beach bums and sandy belongings in their tracks. Utilize labeled baskets or bins to wrangle swimsuits, towels, and cover-ups. Encourage everyone to frequent the laundry room, bathroom, or kitchen until sand-free and attired in clean, indoor garments. Employ mesh beach bags to let the sand spill out; give the bags a good shimmy-shake before departure. Hang damp towels, chairs, and equipment in a specific, exterior spot. Temporarily quarantine furry friends outdoors to prevent sandy pawprints throughout your home.

Eliminate Sand Within Your Stronghold

Despite your best efforts, some fine grains will elude you—arm yourself with these sand-snuffing secrets. Wield the powerful vacuum cleaner against sand particles, utilizing hard floor attachments or a handheld version when necessary. Deploy wet wipes for combatting sand clinging to sunglasses, phones, and sunscreen bottles.

Maintain your vigilance against the sandy onslaught, and revel in your beach-blanketed victory! Then, when summer fun is your primary objective and cleaning is now an afterthought, enlist The Maids. We’ll ensure your home or vacation retreat is dazzlingly clean, allowing you to focus on relaxation. Contact us for a free estimate, and let the fun commence!