There is a saying that “Everyone appreciates good food.” This saying is exactly true. Who doesn’t like good food? Thinking of good food sometimes brings an appetizing feeling especially if it is your favorite one. Food from your kitchen is the best! By the way, are that food from your kitchen in glass or plastic containers?

There are chances that you still have a small stockpile of plastic containers in your kitchen, even if you prefer to use glass containers for your meal preparations and leftovers. It is so convenient to use plastic food containers with lids for storing scraps or taking them out. However, sometimes, House Cleaning becomes challenging if you use plasticware. Have you ever tried getting tomato stains out of plastic food storage containers? Terrifying! You are now probably wondering how to get that stain and stench out of plastic.

The experts from Edmonds in House Cleaning are relaxing because of the waterfront view. And for sure, speaking of food and beaches, you want to keep your plasticware looking nice and smelling good when you use it. As part of House Cleaning, making sure that kitchenware and plasticware are tough.

In cleaning your plastic containers, you need to start with giving them a good scrub with soap and hot water. Then, followed by any of the various methods available. While House Cleaning, there are several materials that you can use in removing stain and odor in plasticware. Some of them are affordable, some are even free. The specialists from Edmonds in House Cleaning recommend the following:

Baking Soda.

It is one of the most commonly used materials in Edmonds practices in House Cleaning. Make a paste from baking soda and warm water. Spread the paste all over the container. Leave it for a day or two, rinse.


Put a piece of charcoal in the container. Close the lid and let it sit until the odor is soaked up. Repeat the process if necessary.

Coffee Grounds.

You may put wet or dry used coffee grounds. Just leave it on the container until the odor is gone. Wash it thoroughly.


It is not just a healthy citrus fruit but also a common House Cleaning ingredient. Rub a cut of lemon on the interior surface. Another way is to rinse the container with lemon juice.


Used newspaper is another material that is used for House Cleaning without spending a cent! Just crumple it up and fill the container with it. Close the lid and leave for a day or longer.


Put your plastic containers outside where they are exposed to sunshine. Sunshine is a natural odor-fighting element. You may always take advantage of its benefits in House Cleaning like removing stains and odors in kitchenwares and the laundry!

Indeed, good food is appreciated by everyone if the plastic containers are stain and odor-free. House Cleaning may not be so tiring if you will visit the beaches and enjoy the ambiance after all.